Indiana Spring Break Ideas

Here's a list!

The Beach That Really Shouldnít Be in Indiana

The shoreline is endless. The water is too expansive to see across. And the sun, well, in July and August itís a must for the must-be-tan crowd. So what are the Indiana Dunes doing here and not stretched along one of Americaís coastlines?

Thank the Wisconsin Glacier that slipped its way through Indiana some 16,000 years ago. It left in its trail a National Lakeshore and some glorious natural wonders even the slickest of city dwellers would have to admire.

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the Indiana Dunes. The sun has yet to reach its full baking potential, and the plant, animal and marine life is reactivating itself as the temperature warms. Pick up a guidebook at the Dorothy Buell Memorial Visitor Center so you know just what it is youíre seeing. Then take a stroll along Cowles Bog, one of the Dunesí most preserved areas, to see wildlife and unusual native plants. For an added challenge, take the moderately strenuous 4.1-mile loop trail. Or, for more serious hiking, try the 10-mile Ly-Co-Ki-We Trail. (Ten miles should give you plenty of time to figure out how to pronounce it.) Donít forget to bring your lucky fishing hat and maybe a lucky jacket for that cool Lake Michigan wind. Charter boat season begins in March.

The Indiana Dunes State Park campground, located just a quick hike from the beach, is open year-round. A camp store, showers, electric hookups and other amenities let you decide just how much you want to rough it. Call for fees and reservations.

Soar With Us!

Itís a tall order to fill the shoes of some Henry County natives, like aviator Wilbur Wright. Henry County is home to the Wilbur Wright Birthplace and Interpretive Center in rural Millville memorializes his life and aviation achievements. For more information, check out

Speaking of tall, youíll want to check out all the famous tall people at the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame in New Castle. You can take a last-minute shot to win the basketball game, learn about basketballís legends and see the many displays of basketball memorabilia. For more information, check out

Can You Ahhh-oooooh?

If the closest you and your family have ever come to seeing a wolf is a corny movie with a silver bullet and a full moon, itís time to adjust the picture in your head. Wolf Park in Battle Ground is a research facility where visitors can watch wolves interact with each other and with a small heard of bison. (Donít worry; the wolves are not allowed to harm their prey.) The park is open from May to November, but youíre welcome Saturday nights year-round for the "wolf howl." Itís the perfect time to visit, because at night, the wolves are most active. Not only do you hear them howl, but youíre also invited to join the chorus.

Annual French Lick Jazz Festival
March 19-21, 2004

Packages are available for the jazz festival, which will feature concerts, clinics and workshops.

Fridayís concert will feature The Jamey Aebersold Quartet in the Hoosier Ballroom of the French Lick Resort. Saturdayís workshops will include information on piano, drums, and bass improvisation.

For specifics on packages, check out or call (812) 936-9300


Your Childís First Step Toward the Moon

Keep in mind that Lafayette is home to Purdue University, where they have graduated a lot of astronauts. So it only stands to reason that Imagination Station in Lafayette, a hands-on family science center, would focus on science, space, engineering and technology. Fun exhibits feature computers, dinosaurs and astronauts. Call for hours.

One visit, and youíll want to give your hometown a makeover.
If you donít recognize the names Harry Weese, Richard Meier, and I.M. Pei, hereís a quick definition: a town full of buildings theyíve designed is like a home with a Picasso and a Rembrandt. Columbus, Ind., is just that town, so full of gorgeous architecture itís been written up in the New York Times, Time and National Geographic. In fact, the American Institute of Architects put it in the top 10 cities in the United States for innovation and design. The Columbus Area Visitors Center offers one- and two-hour tours. Or, you can see everything at your own pace on a self-guided walking or driving tour.

Brown County Also

Comes in Green

Admittedly, Brown County is at its resplendent best in the fall. But hereís a little tip: it looks pretty darn good in March and April, and the shops and restaurants arenít nearly as crowded. So grab those same not-to-heavy, not-too-light jackets you usually wear in October, and amble through the shops (make that "shoppes") along Nashvilleís Antique Alley. Take a carriage ride through town. Then take a leisurely drive through the Brown County State Park. The barely budding trees will be as happy to see you, as you are to see them. While you are there, plan to stay overnight in one of the wonderful lodging facilities, such as The Seasons Lodge or Brown County Inn.

Indianaís Beloved,

But Not Quite Native, Son

Abe Lincoln was born in Kentucky and made a name for himself in Illinois. But he lived in Indiana from age 7 to 21, and many sites throughout Southern Indiana memorialize Lincolnís time in the Hoosier state. At the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial in Lincoln City, located on the land where he grew up, visitors can view his motherís grave. Costumed interpreters perform everyday chores at the Memorialís Lincoln Living Historical Farm. The Colonel William Jones State Historic Site is the home of a former neighbor of the boy who would be president. And in Vincennes, the Lincoln Memorial Bridge commemorates the path the family traveled to Illinois. Still looking for more information on Lincoln? You can also travel to Fort Wayneís Lincoln Museum, the worldís largest museum dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. The exhibit includes 11 galleries and many interactive displays.

A Taste of The West in the Midwest

Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve in Freemont (260.495.0137) offers a taste of the West right here in the Midwest. Tour the preserve on horseback, or use the walking trails. A stay at the bed and breakfast includes the comforts of a pine cabin and a "Buffalo Breakfast."

Quick Getaway

If youíre looking for an Indianapolis getaway that includes museums, a zoo, art, baseball, gardens and IMAX movies, you donít have to go far. Itís all in White River State Park.

Choose from the "Lights, Legends and Lions" or the "Gardens and Galleries" packages (800.665.9056). Each offers some of the stateís best attractions, all in Indianaís first urban state park. Thereís also plenty of green space for walking, jogging, bike rides, and paddle boats on the canal.

Nature at its Southern Best

In Southern Indiana, escape to a place thatís always cool: a cave. The Rivers, Streams, and Caves package (888.739.2120) in Leavenworth (for two or four people) offers a stay at the Leavenworth Inn and breakfast at the Overlook Restaurant ó named for its spectacular view of the Ohio River.

The Historic Paramount

Check out some of the spring events coming to the historic Paramount Theatre in Anderson:

March 4: ZOEgirl with Superchic(k), 7:30 p.m.

March 7: Doc Severinson and the Tonight Show Band, 7:30 p.m.

March 13, Tales and Scales "The Arabian Nights" at 2:30 p.m. (family series.)

March 18: Hollywood Hills All-Stars featuring The Hollywood Hills Orchestra, 7:30 p.m.

March 26: Bobby Vinton, 7:30 p.m.

April 4: The Rhythm Rockets 3 p.m. (Ballroom Dance Series)

April 18: Clark Wilson organ concert, 7 p.m.

May 1: Anderson Symphony Orchestra featuring Gold Medalist Barnabas Keleman

May 9: Bob Snyder Orchestra featuring Latin and swing, 7:30 p.m.

For more information or further listings, check out



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